Need some advice urgently

I’m putting together a system for my brother and I’m stuck on best bang for buck graphics card.

PCI Express

6600GT 128MB
7600GS 256MB
X1600 Pro 256MB
X800 128MB

I would assume the 7600GS would be the best bet.

Any advice?

Personally I’m inclined to go for the 7600gs without looking at benchmarks or pricing. Traditionally nvidia has done well in the mid range and I would always aim to get latest generation to maximise feature set and get a little more future-proofing.

I know for sure the 7600 series is available from various manufacturers in passive cooled solutions which helps to keep things quiet too.

If you want to poke around with benchmarks a bit, there’s an interactive comparison at you can try…

dont go for the 1600pro its an awfull card. tho the 1800 (not on your list) is a great card…

Thanks guys:thumbsup: 7600GS it is.

I’m an vVidia fanboi as it is. Still using my 4200ti:eek:

Decided against the 7600GS and went for the 7600GT.

Hope it really is better and not just more expensive.