Needs Help!

one of my computers has finished some Docking@Home workunits but is now unable to connect to the internet to return the results. Is there a way I can transfer the results to a DVD, take the DVD to my other computer which can still connect to the internet, and use that computer to return the results? I doubt if I can find any way to connect the first computer to the internet before the deadline for those workunits.

The second computer is also running Docking@Home workunits, in case that makes any difference.

I asked him to come here and ask, because I was out.

I believe there is a way Robert.
I will research, but for a quick answer I would post on our forum at: Phoenix Rising
in the BOINC - biology@Home category.
Someone will be happy to help you, just tell them I sent you.
I am heading out or I would do it for you.
Take Care,

This is an e-mail response.

I’ve tried it, but so far I haven’t received the email needed to complete registration there so that I’m able to post at that site. In the meantime, about half of the workunits on the computer with internet problems have passed their deadlines, including all of those for Docking@Home.

Will someone look into this please, would be appreciated.

Heidi, here is what I’ve done in the past with setting up new computers and getting rid of the old ones.

On the machine that connect, stop BOINC. Backup the BOINC data file somplace. Now on the machine that can’t connect, stop BOINC and copy the data file over to the machine that can connect. Then start BOINC on the machine that can connect and get the units uploaded. Then stop BOINC and copy the data file back over to the machine that can’t connect. On the machine that can connect, restore the data file and restart BOINC on both machines.

Thanks Mustang… I’ll pass it on.