Netbook Advice

Anyone out there got recommendations on netbooks? I know a few of you have them.

Looking to get one for my wife to stop her nicking my laptop when I’m at home.

Probs looking for an XP machine, BUT am willing to look at Linux machines.



My sister bought this one just for surfing and not much else. Links wirelessly to her Sky box so her bloke can watch the odds on matches at William Hill. Does what it says on the tin. Runs Windows XP and can run Office for CVs and the like and last about 6 hours on battery. Nice little machine, but not suitable for gaming or anything that requires masses of power.

Another vote for the NC10…though some of he other Samsung ranges are worth a look NC110, NC20, NC120 and NC310


I like the MSI Unit works well (U100-641US). The only issue I have seen is I would love a dual core, and 2Meg unit for extra $100 in a heart beat. The screen is clear, and runs everything I sent it’s way. I tried a DVD external, and while it worked sort of, extra ram would have made it better I’m sure. Netbooks are like quick down and dirty laptops, no bells or whistles for sure!