Network cable unplugger.. then not, then again

One of the pc’s a work running win2000 constantly flashes up “network cable unplugged” say every 10 seconds, then straight away goes back to being ok. Nothing is actally affected, transfers still go on, internet works fine, documents print (all over the same network connection) all fine.

Wierd thing is, just been into MFI and while i was talking to the sales rep his pc (running xp) was doing exactly the same, he said that it does it all day but still works fine and it was just annoying :confused:

Any idea what could cause this…

Pc is connected to a switch, same as the pc next to it which doesn’t do this, all other computers on same network function without the same problem.

Only thing I can think of is a dodgy CAT5 cable. People sometimes pull them out by the wire, so it looks OK, but is broken inside.

Maybe a dodgy driver, update it and see if it still happens.

Swap the cable over the the pc next to it, if it still does it it’s not the cable.

dodgy NTL ?? :lol:

had simler but only really noticd it after geting the new gateway box a linksys wrt54g useally a good one but i was stuck with one the ver 5’s with the smaller flash rom size :frowning: so cant use a 3rd party os on it