New Additions to the family :)

Get a load of these cute furballs.

They are 6 weeks old and have only just started eating meat.

They’re cute! I bet its fun to watch them do their “moves”.

They are cute!!!

I often wish they would stay that size… my tom cat follows is a total pest now he has grown… keeps on jumping on me when i don’t want him to… and when brushed off repeatedly jumps on me again!!! What a pest!! :furious:

Bless 'em!! They certainly are cute :slight_smile: It’s always better to have them as a pair as at least they won’t feel lonely if you’re out during the day and can entertain each other.

Yeh especially as they are so young it makes the seperation from the mother that little easier.

As for feeding, I’ve found that it’s best to mix the meat with a small amount of lukewarm water as it helps them digest it better. Even the kitten food can be a little too sticky for their tiny systems to cope with.

Well they are both alot happier now i fell asleep on the sofa earlier and one of them thought i needed a scarf and fell asleep on my neck,
the other curled up beside me,

and the smaller one is now eating as we were a little worried it wasnt eating.

and they both know how to use the litter tray BONUS!

Definitely a bonus! :chuckle: :smiley:

being away this weekend tought me a new youtube term …

‘cat slapping’

some of those cats are hilarious.


They are adorable!!! Congratulations!!! :trophy: :trophy: :trophy: I have 4 cats. I don’t know if you have it in England. But when they get a little older, get them some Bonita Flakes. Cat’s love them. And it’s cheap!!!

Really cute!!!

Jim :):slight_smile:

Im not in england but ill look out for it.