New car stereo

So I needed a bit of retail therapy and today it was provided by Sony and Ruby :lol:

Fitting wasn’t simple, but not too tricky either - no extra expense for adapters. Got it fitted in within 30mins, taking my time and instantly setup bluetooth from my phone/Spotify and job done. It’s woken the tweeters in the doors of the Freelander more than the standard original Philips unit that it has replaced, and the HarmonKardon speakers just jump out the doors now :lol:

It does have a dedicated out for a sub, and I’ve one sat in the shed that came out of Gertrude, it’s bright pink, but hey for £12 I wasn’t going to be picky :smiley:

I have to say I’m impressed with the handsfree, not sure what it’ll be like when driving, but initial tests were very impressive considering the mic is behind the stereo removable fascia. My phone doesn’t support all the features on Bluetooth, but it does the important ones.

£110 not bad at all. Not to find the wires to cable in the sub :devil:


They’re nice units and hands free in the radio is defo the way to go.

Is the volume one of those wobble/ joystick jobbies. If so, let me know how you get on with it. I was looking at an HU with one of those but was a bit concerned I’d get stuck in some obscure set up function every time I wanted to turn the radio up.

volume on this one does errrmm, the volume :slight_smile:

Press it down and it becomes a menu scroller, with many many acronyms that make little or no sense :lol: Spent some time looking for my long phono lead that I used in Gertrude for the sub, can’t find it so trip to Maplin in the morning :smiley: It sounds nice now, the tweeters in the door panels can really be heard so I want to take the bass away from the foor speakers to give it some mid range. That’s the plan, I’ll probably just be boy racer “doosh doosh doosh” for a few days first :lol:


With a sub you’ll be needing one of these for Ruby then :smiley: -

Or was it on here I saw it anyway :confused:

:lol: I think the Shonky video was in my post about the wheels :smiley:

Sub was pulled out the shed today, and to my surprise it still works! It was a real git to get the cd-changer out from under the drivers seat, but seemed a worthwhile exercise looking at what they sell for, can’t see any point in keeping it - I doubt anyone else will own Ruby before she has to go the “that” place where she gets weighed :wink:

So a trip tomorrow to the sparky warehouse, some cable required and some quickplugs so the sub is easy to take out, might even put in an insolator on the power feed as well :eek: Messing about has revealed the roof is still leaking somewhere though, carpet wasn’t drenched, but not dry either :frowning: More sealant Mr Mannering :lol:

Beck and the kids are back tomorrow, need to find homes for all these car parts …


Freelanders have issues with the rear door glass leaking as I recall. Might be worth looking around there. Check the door inner plastic sheathing is in place and also check the side doors for the same. We used to seal them up with Duck Tape. :slight_smile:

yup, why I park her nose down the hill when rain is forecast :lol: I take off the rear plastic yearly, clean out the debris and lump it full of roofing sealant :smiley:

all fitted, and with custom quick plugs, that look suspiciously like molex connectors off a pc :chuckle:

Struggling to get the balance right across all volumes, sounds is nicely balanced with the default speakers, the sub has meant I get the same “sound” but the door speakers are not working as hard. Sounds ok in the front, not sure how the kids backs will take being pounded by bass :smiley: