New car time - what to get for 5k ish

my freebee citroen that my girlfriend gave me is starting to cost more to run than it’s worth. Failed its MOT again today to the tune of £350 worth of work.

It’s just time for something else anyway I think. I reckon I can spend 5k, possibly pushing 6k. So what to get? As an ideal it needs to be fairly cheap to run, quite quick and not likely to fall to bits (no french cars then!).

what do you think?

Its coming up to 2 seater sports time :slight_smile:

you can get 2 seaters for 5k???

EDIT - there’s no way in hell will I think about driving an MX5 if that’s what you’re thinking :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

forgot to mention actually, the car doesn’t have to be practical as we also have a pug 307.

With that money you can get a 95/96 Mazda MX5, engine is just about bullet proof, so with good history you should be fine.

52 reg 1.6 Fiat Stilo. Cheap and cheerful, and fairly new for that kinda money.

01 Nissan Primera 2lt petrol and diesel alternatives for that money.

00 Mitsubishi Galant - sort of family version of the lancer.

00 Seat Leon - either diesel or the 1.8 16v, another cheaper bulletproof car.

Loads of choice m8, which sort of direction you leaning in?

For that kind of money I would be looking at a Skoda Fabia or a Honda Civic. Both have a good reputation for reliability, and you should be able to pick up a Skoda still under warranty.

But then I am boring and practical when it comes to cars.

OK, seemingly scratch the MX5 how about a Toyota MR2? Got one near us, 96, 73k miles for 6k.

If you’re looking for something different there is always a nissan figaro.

Also 96/97 MGF’s if you like the soapbar look.

Ok then, a little more thought.

Must be as low millage as poss and must be manual.

Just looking at a 200SX S14a. They all seem to be auto :frowning:

An MR2 might not be a bad idea if I can find a good one. What about FTOs? I’ve only ever driven one briefly and it seemed ok?

I had an FTO, good fun. Just gotta stay clear of auto’s and keep very good care of the gearbox as that’s where the most problems come from. choice of engines, 1.8 and 2.0, GX, GR are 170Bhp, GPX is the VVC type engine and kicks out 200Bhp. Manuals are rare especially for that type of money, you will probably get a 95 GR manual, but I doubt a GPX manual.

I spent a load on mine, waxyoil (Salty roads over here will kill it quickly otherwise), alarm, tyres (The japanese ones are awful), ICE, Apex P1 exhaust, induction kit, etc etc. Which I never got back when it was time to sell. I loved it and really wish I still had it as it was so much more fun than this diesel Audi I have now.

However I have a friend who now works as a mechanic at the garage where I used to get it serviced and she says Skyline, as they break down a lot less often than the other stuff they get imported. For your kinda money you should be able to get a 95 GTS, still 2.5 single turbo, should be quick enough :slight_smile:

If you’re looking for build quality don’t even consider an MGF. I love Mrs B’s ‘bar of soap :slight_smile: Tropy 160’ to bits for weekend fun. The engine is well proven apart from the head gasket if you’re unlucky but the built quality is total Sh!te.


MX5 - Solid as a rock, reliable, fun to drive, a proper sports car for not much cash (if a bit slow in a stright line, and if you can cope with the hairdresser look)

Nissan Primera - i’d steer clear, infact i’d steer clear of nearly all nissans.

Seat Leon - nice nice, particularly in cupra guise.

Skoda Fabia - Sensible, cheap as chips, but boaring.

Honda Civic - Sensible, but boaring.

Toyota MR2 - Nice cars, go on for ever if looked after.

MGF’s - steer clear, a wannabe MX5 - exept that its crap to drive, unreliable, more expensive, and just as hairdressery.

200SX - Nice nice. the only nissan i’d ever buy.

FTOs - no idea but they seem nice, proper sports car.


good idea - this looks nice :slight_smile:

You might get a high milage Leon TurboDiesel for £6k, but there arent many around. I was lucky with mine for just under £7k.
For £5-6K you should be able to get a second hand Westie/Caterham or similar. About as practical as a chocolate teapot and you’ll catch pneumonia driving it in British weather, but you’ll enjoy it :slight_smile:

Hmm… I never realised that Skylines were so cheep now, always dreamed of having an R34 something-or-other. But I think I’m getting old, don’t quite feel the urge for speed I used to and all of a sudden, I’m starting to care about servicing costs. Oh, my insurance would probably double if not more.

The Figaro I also looked at in the past, but they were too much for what is in essence an old Micra. But the interior is to die for, can’t describe it well but includes white leather matching the display surfaces. Speed is not what you’d get with one, I seem to remember it was a 1L turbo with 3 speed auto.

I’ve been getting prices and insurance quotes for the cars I’ve been looking at. It’s not good news :frowning: The skyline is a bit of an extreme example but getting the insurance under 3k looks to be a challenge :eek: The 200SX is more than I thought as well at a shade under 2k :frowning:

might need a bit of a rethink

Hmm. If insurance is a problem how about something a little older and not so hot. I think modern cars are either too quick or too smooth :o There’s little fun anymore because you can’t drive them anywhere near their limits unless you want to be a traffic light show off with the quickest 0-40.

Providing you don’t want to go too far, IMO, you can have much more entertainment in something a little less refined. For example I previously had a sucession of Spitfires and GT6s. Absolute carp handling but there’s the fun. Just as much satisfaction in using the rev range to the full, hanging the back out or drifting round at 40 as there is at 70 (and a little less life threatening too) Just a thought.

Depends on how big you want but a good 323 or 325 is a safe bet or a 525 or 528, you get comfy cars with a bit of go go :slight_smile:

1996 N Reg BMW 3 Series 2.3 323i
Calypso Red Metallic, Coupe, 2 Doors. ABS, Alloy Wheels. Silver Leather seats, Auto/sport mode, rear headrests, full BMW history, an exceptional car £5,495.

1997 BMW 528i SE AUTO, 1997,
P reg. montreal metallic blue, 2 owners, beige leather interior, f/B/s/h, cd player, aircon, f/sunroof, alloys, pas, r/headrests, c/locking, immaculate condition. £4,650 . . open 7 days.

1990 BMW M5 3800 cc
4 Doors, Manual 5 speed, Saloon, Petrol, silver Metallic. 17" light alloy wheels, 6-cylinder, ABS, airconditioning, alarm class III, alarm remote controlled, alloy wheels, boardcomputer, bumper and mirror in color, central doorlocks with remote control, chairs adjustable in height, electric mirrors, electric sunroof, electric windows, fog lights, frontseat(s) electric adjustable, full service history, half leather interior, immobiliser, metallic painted, mirrors electric, MOT at delivery, power steering, radio/cd-changer, sport chairs, spot lights. bmw fbmwsh by munich legends ltd £4,995 ono.


I was 25, 4 years NCB, and it was about £800 for a 98 GX. Liverpool Victoria.

From personally experience (with this truck and two previous ones, not mine, but in the family) and also friends that have them, they are excellent little cars. Looking at buying a '94 Sentra myself with 230,000 miles on the clock, runs like a charm. If you can get a Skyline cheap and want it, go for it.

Oh, and also I’d stay away from most Mitsubishi’s, heard of LOTS of tranny problems in DSM cars.

Honda’s are definitely good cars, but I just wouldn’t have one because 75% of them here are so riced out it’s not funny…And the sad thing is my Nissan would put most of them to shame in a race.

You can get old BMW’s for a good price, and in nice shape. A martial arts teacher I had in college had a '89 Beemer (not sure which model), cost him $3500, and he said it was the cheapest thing on insurance he had. And it was a very nice looking car.

Toyota’s are good, nothing at all against them, but they hold their resale better than some, which is bad for you, the buyer.

What about a Subaru? Can you get older ones very common over there? No personally experience with them, but heard they’re good too.

Ok, that’s my -.02:p

£3,995 gets you a 1998 Nissan Sunny 2.0 4wd in Auto trader

1998 NISSAN SUNNY GTI-R 2.0 Litre engine,
3 door, Four Wheel Drive, Hatchback, Black, 60000 miles, CD Player, Sunroof, Air Conditioning, Alloy Wheels, Central Locking, Alarm, Driver’s Airbag, Power Steering, Immobiliser, Heated Seats, Electric Windows, Fully Valeted, MOT, Finance Arranged, Family Business, Excellent Condition. TURBO, 17" ALLOYS,BUCKET SEATS,3" MONGOOSE EXHAUSE, FULL ENGINE REBUILD IN APRIL, ALL RECEIPTS SUPLIED, PIPER CROSS INDUCTION KIT, MUST BE SEEN, HPI REPORT£3995.

It may have been a bit barry-boyed though from the mention of a 3 inch exhaust