New features

I’m still playing and making sure this stuff is working, but I’ve updated us to the newly released version of vbulletin.

The user profile pages are significantly different, and there is an added feature of a users album for pictures as well as some others.

The full release details can be found here

Cheers for the heads-up DT :thumbsup: Are we OK for funds in the kitty ATM or do we need a top-up?

Thanks DT… You do a lot of work man. It’s appreciated!!!

Jim :slight_smile: :tiphat:

says i have to log in to verify my account before i can merge posts (modding in the ogame forum), A new security feature i guess. i suppose i am logged in on a few machines that others can access

noticed the pics as attachment feature. looks good :slight_smile:

It is one of the new features Bully :slight_smile: