New fun challenge

OK - if you have a microphone and a sound card, then this one is for you.

Let’s just say some of us have regular posting phrases we use, and I had a crazy idea that we should have a soundbite gallery, and maybe even an operating system soundscheme. :cuckoo:

Idea :idea: - if you are in for a laugh, post in here with a
“YES I’M NUTS JUST LIKE DOUBLETOP” what I’ll then do is allocate randomly people to choose a short phrase for each other.

So for instance, if I was paired with Ike, I’d have to have a soundbite of him saying, “hmmm turnips” in a Homer Simpson style :lol:

We’re not as busy as we used to be so a good weekend to do some of the soundbites will be the next LAN :smiley:


Sounds like fun! :stuck_out_tongue:

but recording sound?

hints? I probably know but forgotton…:rolleyes:

count me in, I want to do Step2000’s “anyway… back to programming” :wink: :slight_smile:


A memorable phrase . . . . . .BILKO: “Thats not enough, squirt a bit more in”

im in…