New garden resident

Hes getting petyy tame now

mmmmmmmm what is it lol

here he is

You lulling him into a false sense of security :smiley:



Very nice. Just don’t mention sauces and sauted potatoes to him :smiley:

They run a large driven game shoot (partridge/Pheasant) on the farm so they are a regular sight around here. We always get a clever one that resides in the garden for the duration of the season and then shacks up with several ladies to raise a broad or two. Catherine feeds them every day, so he’ll be the size of a turkey soon:D they get so fat that they need a good run up to get up into the trees to roost.

The cat had a go at him the other night and he beat the hell out of her:)

We have these in the back yard, Bet they would be good to eat as well

Gambel’s Quail

We call them Quail Dudes, cause they are very snooty! They roost in our Ficus Nadia

Pheasants :grrrrr: Lemmings more like

Nightmare where they are for me, lots of them all stupied brainless critters

OOoooo look pretty car i’ll just walk infront of it and admire it close up
OOoooo look truck <thwack>
Oooo Moterbike <thwack>
Milkfloat <thwack>

Lemmings they are trust me :wink: lemmings :nod:

Partridge are even more stupid than the pheasants:) I was zeroing my airrifle the other week (use a static target of about 20mm dia at 40m) when a partridge casually strolls right across my line of fire. Now I’m a very experienced, insured and honest shooter so I would not shoot it out of season but man was it asking for it:eek:

here’s one of his ladies;)

luuuuurvely plooooomage :smiley:

Love the fancy head gear that the quail is sporting :slight_smile: