New integration added

If you haven’t joined the Discord channel - then this link will get you in (expires 12/7/21)

Every forum post will now post to the #forum-activity channel in the discord.

Do you stream? Post and let us know! Are you looking for players in a game, post and let people know! Do you have many many hours to spare and want to play multi-player Factorio?

It’s all been a little quiet - time to push a little to get some noise going, the old Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliances game we dabbled with is still going and I may be running an alliance as loads just quit after a war and I might take up the leadership. Might not, we’ll see - but it may bring some new faces to here!


Already joined. It says I don’t have permission to view #forum-activity channel though. Same for #announcements

I can see those channels exist, but nothing in it.

Ok, my previous post here has appeared in the activity channel, and I presume this will also. The message about not viewing history remains at the top, so maybe that means before that time? So doesn’t matter.

that’s good news - the changes I just made worked !


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Still tinkering. New fangled tech :crazy_face: carrier pigeon ftw

two cans and a bit of string…

Have you tried turning it off and back on again :zipper_mouth_face::crazy_face::rofl:

We’ve had a TPR Teamspeak channel for a few years too.
I Know, i’m still paying for it… LOL !



Although looking back through the dustier bits of the forum circa 2004 made me feel a bit Wolram :wolram:


Who broke Wolrams Emoji…?

Anyway, IRC seemed like a good idea one day back then but seemed to annoy everybody after about a week of it being used by people but being silent, people logged in but no actual chatting going on.

Then I fell into some old forum politics threads and had a mild bout of Narcolepsy…