New Job!!!

Heyyy :slight_smile:

I have been applying for jobs like mad, and usually getting interviews, then completely failing in them :frowning:

Today I have been offered a job that looks like its really going to set me up for life. Its in a large accountancy firm that are going to pay for my studies until I am fully qualified. I’m currently paying for my own studies so this will help alot. The salary is a little lower than what I am on now but again, the study support will level that out.

I start on the 3rd July, which seems like an age away. I only have to give a weeks notice at work, so everytime something bad happens I’m going to feel a little smug. Its going to be difficult keeping my mouth shut, but hopefully I’ll manage.

I also have a job interview tomorrow which I am still going to aswell. You never know :smiley:

Many congrats TK :clap: :clap:

Be as smug as you like with a weeks notice :lol:


Great news TK :cool:

Fab news TK :clap:

Hope it all goes well, and maybe this interview tomorrow will be even better than the job offer you’ve got :smiley:

Thats good news TK :slight_smile: hope all turns out well for you.


Nice one TK.
Isn’t it a great feeling knowing you can quit your job whenever you want :smiley:

Wonderful news! Companies which are willing to invest in their employee’s educations are usually very good places to work. They typically value their people more, and understand that people make a business go. I’d be leaning toward that type of company, even if they don’t start you out at quite what you were hoping to get. They may better their compensation once you prove to them that their investment in you was worthwhile.

Cheers everyone, I don’t think it has sunk in yet, I don’t think it will until something bad happens at work and I get to think ‘I don’t care’.

Excellent news!

Though why accountancy? :wink:
My dad’s an accountant…at least you can sort out your tax returns for free :wink:

I moved up through the RSPCA when I was in Leeds, and ended up doing their accounts for them. I’m very sad and actually enjoy working with figures. At least I have picked a job that will pay well once i am qualified :smiley:

Well done TK :thumbsup:

Nice one TK :).
Accountency eh :)…
Drinks are on TK :smiley:

thats great news TK and its brill they are paying for you education it makes a big difference.

and im sure quite a lot of the guys here wouldnt complain working with figures :wink:

Well done, TK.

We may moan about them and they may have an image of being ‘boring’, but accountants get the last laugh as we will always need them.

I would have thought that a company that invests in people will also be well aware of the market rates and protect that investment by paying a decent rate once qualified. Just be aware that many such companies also put in ‘penalty clauses’ that if you leave within a set period after qualifying you have to pay a percentage of the training costs back.

Drinks are on me - yeah not for a few more years :wink:

Apparently they pay for my training first time round, so if I fail (not likely) I will have to fund myself for the next time.

There is a pay review in December, and each time I pass an exam i get a pay rise :smiley:

I’ve felt smug, ooooh, three times this morning already :smiley:

Helen, I thought that as I typed ‘working with figures’ hehehe :smiley:

congrats tc, sounds like a sweet position 2 b in, getting paid to get a qualification is always a good thing, paid students have more fun!

Yeah!!! Just started a small countdown on my calendar at work. 10 weeks to go :confused:

Congrats Vix, here’s to a happier you

congratulations TK, and since you work with figures you will know that you only see 2/3 of your gross pay. so if they pay your training, its the same as having extra salary of 150% of the value of the training.

thats the sort of company to go for, as Egad says, they value their employees more.

Thanks :slight_smile: I can’t wait now.

Its my mission to be the first cool accountant :smiley: