New kit for work

Just added a Samsung SuperWriteMaster external DVD writer to my “fixing PCs kit” along with my IDE/SATA/Laptop USB hard drive adaptor. Gives me the opportunity to backup data before having to administer the “last writes” to a failed system drive. Nice little drive it is too. Supplied with an OEM copy of NERO 9, it does what its made for very well.

Next bits of kit are an external floppy disc drive and an external 500gb harddrive when I have the cash. That should cover all bases in the backup stakes.

got an external floppy gathering dust in a drawer here.

What are you looking for it Walter?

postage :slight_smile:

However, on testing, I have had 3 BSOD’s and then it gave off a burning smell, squealed and went ‘PFUT!’.


Crikey!! Thanks for checking anyways Walter :thumbsup:. I’ve found an alternative on Ebuyer for under a tenner, so I think I’ll be having that one when cash is available. :cheers: