New Lcd screen, widescreen ?

My 17inch Hitachi is starting to look a little long in the tooth, seriously thinking about buying an new screen.

Whats the score with the widescreens, I’ve got an X800xt graphics card with 256 of ram and am used to running at the “standard” LCD resolution for these, when i look at 19" squares and 20" squares they all run at the same res… when i move to, say a 20" wide you get 1680 x 1050. Firstly, can my card support it, secondly how well does it actaully work in practice, I mean if i run CSS on it does it make everyone look fat or does it only take the center square of the screen. I’m pritty sure EVE will work fine, after all i can run it in a window but what about UT2004.

I’m that close that i have another version of IE running here with on in the “basket” and my mouse over the checkout button :lol: but i don’t want to buy it and find out that makes all the things i do look wierd.

Just to add, all the ones i’ve seen at mojos looked fantastic but i don’t remember seeing them running games, even though i know that the people who had them were playing…

My laptop has a mobile 9700 in it, driving a 1280x800 screen. For playing older games not supporting widescreen resolutions, the drivers only give the choice of stretch scaling (making everything look fat) or centered view. Fixed aspect ratio scaling is an option which is not supported on my machine but may be on others. I do know that nvidia desktop chips at least from FX5200 upwards support fixed aspect ratio scaling.

Newer games supporting a selection of resolutions run happily at 1:1 but you might need to tweak the settings to keep the speed up at higher resolutions :wink:

UT2K4 looks really good at 1920x1200 on my 24" Dell TFT :wink:

My old X800XT would run it at that resolution at reasonable settings. My SLI 7800GTX runs at that res at max settings :slight_smile: I just wish I could afford the new 30" Dell TFT :eek:

Yea, been reading around since the first post (still havn’t pressed the buy button :stuck_out_tongue: ) and it looks like the x800 will cope ok but not at full eye candy level in some games. I’d be shocked if your system couldn’t run it alta :lol:

Bit more searching… but getting closer to clicking the button :devil:

Go on, go on, go on, would you not like just one little click on the buy button now, are you sure? :smiley:

Button clicked, one viewsonic VX2025 on its way. Will look very carefully at it when it gets here and decide if its a keeper on not. Read lots of reviews and went round in a big circle in the end.
Between the Dell, Belinea and Viewsonic 20.1" screens, good and bad points for all of them so i’ve plumped for the viewsonic.

Thanks for your input :slight_smile:

Viewsonic is one of the manufacturers we repair for in the UK… the build quality is honestly generally rubbish, along with the godawful design. I’d rather buy one we’d refurbished than a new one!

Yay, thanks for the good news speedo :cry:

I really will take a good look at it when i get it, if im not 100% happy with it its going back.

Just giving you a heads up while there’s still time to send it back :P. Never know, you might get lucky!

I’ve got it and managed to pop home (it was near to a delivery i had to do, honist) and installed it.

First impressions are very good :nod:
Had a quick look at UT2004 and a general play with images and it all seems very pleasing. Now on the lookout for widescreen desktops :lol:

Will have a proper play tonight :cool:

For those interested in Wallpapers for Widescreen displays i’ve found some good ones in the links below, i’ll edit as i find them

try www. wallpapersmania .com /1280x800_wallpapers.asp

don’t want to link, sometimes the site has some nasty advert popups.