New monitor

In an effort to keep a usable desk space at home, and that although I’ve had a pair of Asus 22" monitors dual screen for the past year a deal came along that I decided to take the plunge.

I am now an owner of"+Dell+Ultrasharp+U2711+Widescreen+IPS+Monitor+-+Black+?productId=39560 and using an MAHOOOSIVE amount of screen real estate with the 2560x1440 resolution.

I had the Asus 22" first, then a deal / job came up that meant I could have 2 23" Dells in the office and this is why working from home greatly reduced. The screens are just so much nicer to work with, Dell really have got the panels and features right. So, as I said, I plumped and dug deep to get the Dekll U2711.

I’ve had it a little under 24hours, and it takes some getting used to have a single screen when so used to dual screens, but OMG the difference in quality alone over the Asus monitors let alone the more comfortable setup and more desk space. Just so many wins. One little loss to the crunching team though, I think I’m going to pull one of the 460’s from the office cruncher as playing games at native res is something I just have to try with a setup that can actually cope. The single 460 just doesn’t cut it, so I’m playing games in a window :lol:

It’s a lot of cash to layout on just a screen, you could buy/build a complete setup for the cost of this monitor and I’m well aware of that, but if you can afford to and have ever been tempted to go to such a large screen, make the leap, take the plunge :slight_smile:

Ofc, now I have a nice pair of monitors that will be in Wattos soon :smiley:


Looks lovely DT. Wish I could afford it :(. One of my Hanns-G monitors is having issues with its power button which I managed to take apart and fix, but I really need new ones and this would be a lovely replacement.

Yeah I’d love to… but I think if any of these blow I’ll be looking at the more modest 22" :smiley: