New Monitor . .

I could actually post this in the 'what annoyed me . . ’ section, but here’s as good as anywhere.

My old Acer 17" 5:4 monitor is starting to play up so I’ve been looking (for a week or more) at replacing it with something a little more upmarket . . . but the market seems to be full of dodgy geezers selling a multitude of tat in various formats :sigh:

I like the 5:4 format, it’s perfectly acceptable to me as an all round performer but sadly everyone does ‘widescreen’ nowadays :frowning:

OK, so I’ll go widescreen . . . erm, 16:10 or 16:9 . . 16:10 is my preference but the mainstream is 16:9 :ghey:

Next, which panel type ? TN, IPS, eIPS, VA, MVA, PVA blah blah blah (got a headache already) each with their own inherent problems regarding backlight bleed, IPS glow, response times, colour fading, crap blacks, ghosting, image blur etc etc

Makes me think I’d be better off with a 32" TV and an x-box :o

I’m using a 16:10 too, and really hate the 16:9 monitors I got for lab computers at work. Just too wide, and everything on screen takes vertical space so you end up with nothing left. Haven’t tried going portrait yet, it’s getting tempting…

If you’re fussy about monitors there’s a simple rule I think. Under £150 is probably crap. Above that might be ok. I don’t think I ever spent less than £300 on a monitor.

Its a mine field always gone expensive monitors but my experience at work has blurred that
last 5 batch of 1080p 21.5" monitors brought for work cost £80 each and while not atheistically pleasing as the Dell sitting on my desk, they seems as good visually.

That said things are a bit different under office lights to being at home, But I do notice the light bleed on the Dells in the corners.

Agreed. I just changed mine out at work from a 16:9 to a 16:10. I do a lot of work in CAD and the larger work area is beneficial. You are also right about cost = quality. I buy Samsung monitors for home. They cost more, but I’ve not had a bad pixel or problem with them. The same can’t be said for some of the cheap Dell’s at work. Spend less, and take your chances.

Well in the end I decided on the Dell UltraSharp U2412M, a 16:10 eIPS monitor. Had it a few days now and must say it’s nice, very nice :slight_smile: Lots of reviews around, and as usual they differ widely :lol:

No bleed or IPS glow, no dead or stuck pixels, colours are pretty damn good, and no gaming problems up to now :xfinger:

If it lasts as long as the old Acer 17" I’ll be a happy chappy