New motor

We are now a 2 car family, I am the owner of a Discovery 200 TDi, H reg, 128,000, very tidy, pics to follow.

$64,000 - what did it cost me?

Well at least its not a Skoda :smiley:

I’ll shoot for £500. (about the same as the tax & insurance)

nice motor… :wink:

and um…£5k?

£5K blloming heck you’d get a nice pristeen <sp?> jap import for that

erm… £250 depends what kind of condition its is really

knowing your good self Mojo, and the ask on price, I’d say it was a freebie, or a swap for something or other :lol:


I’d go nearer £50…that he paid you to take it away :lol:

DT I agree, I recon a PC or at most PC with Monitor.

… guy turns up with his family for a meal - whooops, I’ve left my wallet at home…

no probs says Mojo, I’m sure we can work something out :lol: :deal:

£600 to put you out of your misery, in for MOT tomorrow, reckon it will leave skid marks it goes through so fast, prolly spend about another £1000 on it, at a total cost of £1600 it is still cheap :slight_smile:

:woot: Balrog wins :slight_smile:

Couple of pics would be nice before you ship it down to me :smiley:

oops no MOT yet needs some welding, tin worms have eaten some of the inner rear wheel arches, anyhoo have some piccies to be going on with (these are deffo piccies of the “before” variety :wink: )

Looks like it will do the job nicely :cool:

Getting there slowly - should be on the road in a couple of weeks :xfinger:

Looks good Mojo :thumbsup:

Apart from you & Bev, if it’s on the road, can I be first passenger? :smiley:

That’s me asking if you could please pick me up at the station on the Thursday of meet btw :wink:

Even if it isn’t on the road I can pick you up in the ickle green one PM me train details pls when you have them

Looks just the thing to pull pink GM vans out of muddy fields :smiley:

Nice, very tough looking :smiley:

Will do :smiley: Not booked yet, but it’ll be round about same time as last time I’d say (Thursday 3ish) if that’s ok?