new outdoor pics

:smiley: I was again in the town with my cam and made many pics =)
so here are three of my favourites
please say what you think about them :slight_smile:
nightlife was taken in 200meters on the maintower in Frankfurt and it was not easy to make photos by snowrain and a heavy wind…

lovetown would add this pic to the competition but I think it’s the wrong kind of activity :stuck_out_tongue:

sunset that’s just a pic of a cool sunset :slight_smile:

None of them easy shots to make Max, you’ve done well. Felt the nightlife could have has a bit more exposure. A tripod is essential for this sort of stuff imo. Try putting them through photoshop.

Mmm, I definitely like 2 and 3 - as The Balrog says, stick them through Photoshop/whatever to maybe brighten up the colours/contrast and they’ll be stunning :thumbsup:

I think they are great i do like seeing a city at night with all the lights and that i think looking at it can be quite captivating.

I love that sort of stuff.

Thanks for the reviews :slight_smile:
ok, I’ll change the nightlife pic and post it soon :smiley:

A tripod is essential for this sort of stuff imo.

I have at the moment no tripod but I think it’s a good idea to buy one :slight_smile: because it’s impossible to make photos at night in night mode without a tripod. This pic was taken therefore in a normal mode so the lights are not bright enough.
Have I something to bear in mind by buying a tripod?

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first of all: big thanks DT for hosting my pics :thumbsup: at the moment I’m without webspace :frowning: … so I’m thankful for hosting :slight_smile:
so it’s a week ago … but today I had finally time to change my pic :smiley:
so here at the Team Phoenix Rising nest MAx-2001 (= Juri) proudly presents: " THE NEW NIGHTLIFE"

Wow that’s an amazing difference. Well done Max :slight_smile:

Max do you have the orginal full res image ? I.e. is the above the resolution it
was taken at or reduced in size.

If reduced in size… any chance of sending us the orginal to run through
a proggy I have :wink: I’m interested in seeing the difference.

and if possible :wink: take a pic of this image at the same res used and settings
calibration image

For sending to me as well… If your happy to do that.

i realy like the first one :smiley: looks real cool

no probs pmm send me your mailaddy and I’ll sent you the original pic :slight_smile: and the other pic with the new res. and settings.

Spot the difference :wink:

I’d say all the lights look sharper, it’s a small diffrence but it has a big impact. You’ll have to show me this witchcraft at mojos :wink:

that is a scaled down one, I have send max-2001 the full output files

I used a photoshop plug in though as well to raise the exposure 0.5

If you look at the backround and the clouds that’s where you see the biggest
impact you’ll notice a heavy reduction in CCD noise.

//Have to admit image looks very different now i’m on my laptop seems far more
realistic on that 24" GW900 cad/cam monitor of mine looks alot on my LCD that its
had more of a blur type filter effect than it really has never viewed the differences
either between my laptop and proper monitors interesting insight its given me.

I’m not trying to poke holes in anyones work here as both the before and after are excellent but shouldn’t photographs remain un-retouched? Just a question mind. Probably because I’m from the 35mm generation. :wink:

Remember trying every trick in the book whether, chemical /fisting /tilting /masking /balancing etc to improve my enlargements.
Same thing without the smell imo :smiley:

Unless you’re a 35mm slide purist, all’s fair

Mine is untouched :wink:

What’s occuring in mine is that the program I use is correcting the image of the
camera’s CCD

As the Camera’s CCD warms up you get a greater amount of image noise that
impacts on the true image.

By loading pictures taken of the calibration chart at settings used, the program
can profile the noise and the impurities and issues in colour reproduction by
nature of knowing what the colours are actually set at in the calibration image.

So load the Cal image in… Tell the program to profile the cal image then tell the
program to apply the profile to the intended image and you have what should be
nearer reality.

With the exception that I increased the EV rating, as its not corrected automatically unlike I can do with my Nikon.

Not sure if thats one for the book of quotes or just googlebait

I hadn’t considered that TBH and it’s a very good point! Is there that much deviation from one CCD to the other?

@ Balrog: Me? A purist? There’s nothing pure about me mate! :smiley:

Indeed there is different sizes of CCD different types …Foveon/CMOS/JFET/LBCAST/CCD.

Internal heat generated in camera’s can effect the sensors in different way’s

No sensor is 100% perfect pixel for pixel, impurities have there tiny effects
then there’s how the camera processes the sensor data.

In the best would you take raw data pixel for pixel at full sensor bit depth
but many camera’s also employ techniques of image compression different
brands have there differing way’s.

Plus the circuitry to amplify the low level signals are all differing in there ways.

So programmes like this with a suitable quantity of settings stored to match the
various camera settings can really clear up and enhence an image.

Originally Posted by The Balrog
Remember trying every trick in the book whether, chemical /fisting /tilting /masking /balancing etc to improve my enlargements.

:haha: LMAO. All technical darkroom terms but on re-reading :smiley: