New profile field added

In light of a few recent threads about Steam usernames, Xbox id’s etc etc, I have added a new ‘Profile Field’.

Online Gaming Username
If you play online, and your forum username is different from your playing name, please enter you playing name in this field

This is a multi-line text box that is searchable - so you could add

Ogame Username =
Space Pioneers Username =
Steam ID =
Pokerstars ID =

etc etc

This may also make matching usernames from games we have secret forums for, so I can keep abreast of the userlist for these secret forums without the current level of effort it requires.

You will find this profile by clicking the ‘User CP’ link and then selecting ‘Edit Your Details’


Thanks DT :cheers:

Nice One

Excellent, Cheers DT

Just a quicky, anyone got a copy of my old avatar ?


do you mean your old sig?

I can have a look, but I don’t think I ever hosted it.