New project - bringing a Bug back to a usable state!

Having already done more miles in it in the past two weeks than the past few years …

Plenty to do, some things already fixed in a temporary manner, such as a lovely hole on the heat pipes on the inlet manifold involving a bit of copper pipe, jubilee clip and exhaust paste. It just about idles now with fresh petrol, fortunately the tank was almost empty anyway.

Say hello to Daisy :smiley:


wow, may dad and sister have had lots of Bugs :slight_smile: I can remember at least 4 of them including one particular Red one that had fused it sparkplugs at Skegness when i was a nipper and siting in the back storage well waiting for the AA or RAC :sweat_smile:

Hello Daisy :wave:

Due to having a large chunk of drive space unexpectedly free I looked at Ebay for a practical seven seater to knock about in

This lead to a Daihatsu Fourtrak Obvs, one that has been pampered back to full health if you trust an Ebay description

Welding repairs completed for MOTs includes both sills which have been replaced with box section

Sounds sturdy, how does it look ?

I think I will pass on any vehicle that has structural Ronseal