New project from the Rosetta house

Updated Rosetta app sounds good to me, typically whilst I’m away I got a 1% sticker-unit and lost 44hours crunching on one rig, would have been more but the joys of net access, laptop and a remote connection :smiley:


Not had any stickers for a while now.
Couple of false alarms on my main rig with the Truxcroft core warning…

I’ll stick with Rosetta and the BBC one for the minute :slight_smile:

whats this bbc one ?

Im sticking with rosetta and simap,

Thanx for the headsup tho DT :slight_smile:

Basically a slightly modified variation of CPDN, there will be a show on BBC four about the modelling and science as well. I’ll be shifting over big time soon as I view the publicity that the BBC will create as a great advertising bandwagon for TPR :Pimp: