New PSU Help!!!

I bought a new PSU and instead of the 20 pin one i ordered, a 24 pin one arrived. Im just wondering if the raised areas which look as if they cut off at the 20th pin mean I can let the PSU connector hang over the socket on the mobo where the ‘groove’ rests.

No they make an adapter for them. I have a couple lying around here but I bet someone closer would be you best bet. They usually come with the better class of supplies.

i’ve only found one place in the UK that sells the adapter and I also read on PC Review that these 24 pin PSU’s are for servers and you shouldn’t use them. Is there any truth to that. Sounds wrong to me.

if they sent the wrong PSU, send it back and get the right one :deal:


I maybe wrong but some/most of the newer Amd motherboards use the 24 pin connectors, and some psu’s can be used for either as 4 of the pins are detachable, you could use an adaptor and some psu’s do come with them, but as DT say’s if you ordered a 20 pin one then send it back for a replacement to the one you want/need/ordered in the first place.


I would recommend getting the adapter, it will allow you to transfer the PSU to a newer mobo oneday.

looks like the last 4 pins on the right of that picture are detachable

the newer Intel chipsets use the 24 pin and the 8pin (if i recall correctly) and the newer AMD do infact use the 24 pin connector. Are they still making 20 pin PSUs anymore? or have all new PSUs gone to 24? Most of the 24s I have worked with do have the extra 4 pins detachable.

I’ll check to see if they are detachable once i’ve dried off. It’s ebuyer that i ordered from so it would be just as cheap to get the adapter as it would to send it back.

EDIT/ Before I buy something else wrong :rolleyes: is this what I’m looking for. The mobo connection is the 20 pin, the PSU is 24.

the times I’ve got incorrect stuff from Ebuyer they have sent couriers to pickup the items and then I got replacements and a free delivery “token”. Is it really worth that much more to keep the wrong one ? Try and find it and compare the price to see if you got a present or ripped off.


Bit of a blurry pic put it does look detachable :nod:

That’s the correct sort of adaptor :nod:

only difference I believe is that you have an extra +12 / +5 / +3.3 / Gnd connectors at the end every other line is same as standard 20 way plug.

On a 20 You will have 2 Orange wires far left top and bottom with notch facing towards you ending in red wire top right yellow wire bottom right

On the 24 pin you have a 2nd match pair red/yellow next to your normal
20way red/yellow and then you have top right black bottom right orange.

Its just the block of 4 and the far right wth the notch facing forwards
thats new in the 24 way.

I’m with Preecey and PMM. I’ve come across several PSU’s that have a 20/24pin connector.

The plug in the photo has small lugs on either side. Using a small pair of pliers or jewellery screwdriver carefully snap back the lugs or squeeze the tips (whichever mechanism is retaining them). This will free up the 4 pin connector at the end and the remaining 20 pin plug will fit in straight away.

Be sure still to use the additional 4 pin 12Volt plug if your mobo requires it (yellow and black wires).

It’s detachable but not powering up. :frowning:

EDIT/ It’s powering, bloody mismatched colour scheme again

My new one came with the extra 4-pin detached, so went and bought an adaptor to fit in the mobo that wants 24-pin…
Then the lose 4-pin wouldn’t fit in the board and it took me a lot of time to realise that the 8-pin was detachable and had the right 4-pin for the board, jeez…