New Red Drawers

Well a spammer’s got to have a catchy title to pull in the punters :smiley:

Built Chris a new bench in the garage a couple of weeks ago and bought him a set of Halfords Tool Drawers to go under. Trouble was I filled them up with my stuff :(.
So off goes Chris to the shops and comes back with a pile of new ones for himself. The box dimensions were just a bit wrong and they wouldn’t quite fit between the bench legs by 15mm :mad:

So this mornings project has been taking the bench down and extending it plus fitting a drawer shelf under the lathe.
Bet I still fill them up :slight_smile:

Wow. thats alot of serious tools there.

and notice how clean and unused they are for diy :wink:

The art of showing “Intent” with out the follow through. A Master at work. :smiley:

ha classic

That was my thought. Every shop I’ve been to has had stuff everywhere and you have to walk through it sideways while doing the high leg lift.

All kidding aside, that does look very nicely organized. I wish I had enough tools to fill all of that.

Best I come clean then. Theses are the more frantic areas :smiley:

And I’m definately not showing you the floor :frowning:

Come on show us yours :slight_smile:

AHHHHHHHH Mr Balrog here was us thinking ypu were organised and tidy but you had shoved it all to one side to make us think you are :wink:

The second lot of pics looks more like the way my dad calls organised his sheds are a cluttered mess yet you ask him for the smallest thing and he goes right to it he says its an organised mess he knows where everything is it would just take me and my brother weeks and weeks to find anything where as my dad 3 seconds lol

Looks like my dad’s shop. Years ago, my uncle was visiting and mentioned to the hired help that he should paint an outline of where all the tools were supposed to go so they would get put back where they belonged. The hired help’s response was, “There isn’t enough room on the floor for that”.

:haha: some people can really be soooooo stupid lol

Well, at the time, nearly everything was scattered about all over the floor and not put away. Hence his reply of not enough room on the floor for the outline of the tools. Sometimes it took quit a bit of time to finally get around to picking up all the tools and finally putting them away. Once you got all the trucks, tractors etc. parked back in the shop, there was no room on the floor for any tools to be laying around.