New Rig - Opinions

So I’m going to be buying a new Desktop as my main machine. I like this one from Mesh and it seems to be good value. I’m going to upgrade the monitor to the 20.1 and add a wireless card.

Does this machine represent good value? Are Mesh good suppliers? I have built my own in the past but as I would like a new Monitor and speaker system this works out well… I think. It doesn’t seem to be as cost effective to build your own now as it did when I built my last one about 4 years ago.

I’m hoping to have a two monitor setup too with my Samsung SyncMaster 191t, I take it the monitors don’t have to be of the same specification to work on a dual DVI setup. I’m also going to be running Linux as the main OS on the machine and was wondering if anyone could see any hardware there that was likely to be incompatible (I can’t but would be interested to know if anyone else can spot any).

Looks like a good machine, nice and powerfull and should be good for a few years to come. Why the op sys choice of linux though, I would have thought that setup is nicely conifgured to be a gamers machine, whereas with you saying linux, that does not seem to make gaming a primary decider in choice of machine. Of course you could just want that card as you say for the dual dvi outputs… :chin: As you say, prebuilds are very close to custom builds in terms of price now … :frowning:


Yes, I want the card for dual dvi out, I been wanting to play around with Xorg and dual monitors for a while. I don’t play games much and use a PS2 when I do. I really want the machine for the concurrent fast CPU, transcoding, crunching numbers (I do maths research) and compiling (I run Gentoo).