New Style SETI BOINC Stats - 22nd May 2005

22nd May 2005

SETI BOINC Flame - as at 21st May 2005 18:33pm GMT

Welcome to the re-styled TPR SETI BOINC Stats. As I said last week, I have changed the league tables in a similar fashion to Milhouse’s SETI Classic stats in anticipation of the demise of Classic at some stage in the future.

We are still currently at 13th position and our production is keeping us well ahead of The Planetary Society who are still falling back. We have lost a far chunk of WUs, due to Neal & Ren leaving us as well :frowning: and as pointed out by Charlie1, we have to keep an eye on the Little White Dog Team, who are catching up and out-producing us by about 3000 units a day. Well done all for keeping the production going, but we need to turn up the wick again where possible.

New Recruits
Please give a big :wavey: welcome to Death and Stuart Grigg who both join us this week in the new Division 4. Welcome aboard guys :thumbsup:

Please give a fond farewll to Renata and Neal Chantrill who leave us for pastures new. You’re always welcome back guys :nod:

Those removing articles of clothing this week:

bugs loses his straitjacket on reaching 10000 cobblestones
blanketpower loses his footshackles on reaching 20000 cobblestones
Kevin G. Clarke loses his handcuffs on reaching 30000 cobblestones
Kermit the Frog & Frank A. Ross lose their earplugs on reaching 50000 cobblestones
HellOnIce & Rythim and Dancin lose their gags on reaching 60000 cobblestones
Rick loses his blindfold on reaching 70000 cobblestones
and Razinhell loses his shirt on reaching 80000 cobblestones

Excellent crunching guys. Well done everyone. :funknana:

Position change from 14/05/2005 21:23 GMT to 21/05/2005 18:33 GMT

Good production again this week. The loss of the Chantrills has affected our overall total and has caused a lot of team members to move up a rung without actually stomping, so I’ve taken that into consideration with the report. Production has increased overall and has kept us going well in the world league tables, although we are being caught by The Little White Dog guys. Here are the stats:

Premier League (click to view)

StormPC (aka SKWURSN) moves up 1 positions to 13th, stomping Mortlake.

Division 1 (click to view)

Jim Wile moves up 2 positions to 11th, stomping luke and Razinhell
GAteKeeper moves up 5 positions to 15th, stomping Spaceboy, Donna^^O^^Darko, Peige, and more.
Donna^^O^^Darko moves up 1 position to 17th, stomping ike
Peige moves up 1 position to 18th, stomping ike
Rythim and Dancin move up an incredible 17 positions to 23rd, stomping Charlie1, TPR-MarkONE, Fleeing Banana Stomper, and many more.
Charlie1 moves up 2 positions to 24th, stomping TPR-MarkONE and Fleeing Banana Stomper
Richard Ellis moves up 2 positions to 27th, stomping Endre and Master of Puppets.
Captain Beyond moves up 2 positions to 32nd, stomping R33 and ColossusX
Victor Lawrence moves up 2 positions to 36th, stomping Fatterbob and AGD
Ares moves up 2 positions to 43rd, stomping Tim Clarke and pong.
Graham Barrow moves up 3 positions to 48th, stomping harry, Droid and Kevin G. Clarke.
harry moves up 1 position to 49th, stomping Droid

Division 2 (click to view)

blanketpower moves up 5 positions to 10th, stomping Ronald C. Spencer, Ian D, The Goodies, and more.
Ronald C. Spencer moves up 1 position to 11th, stomping Ian D.
Big Six moves up 5 positions to 15th, stomping Andrew, Andy Williams, Radar 2, and more.
Mike Killmeyer moves up 2 positions to 23rd, stomping Thentil and Dave Miller.
tony@work moves up 5 positions to 25th, stomping Dave Miller, Mathena, FLH, and more.
Dave Miller moves up 1 position to 26th, stomping Mathena
Mirek Sabiniewicz moves up 2 positions to 29th, stomping SJ761 and wolf.
AquaZone2000 moves up 4 positions to 31st, stomping wolf, Paul Day, Gandalf, and more.
Paul Day moves up 1 position to 33rd, stomping Gandalf.
bugs moves up 2 positions to 36th, stomping Safire and Jim Huggins
wheelieslug moves up an impressive 13 positions to 48th, stomping merlin, Michael Roberts, d4y+im3, and more.
Michael Roberts moves up 5 positions to 50th, stomping d4y+im3, Laurence, tony, and more.

Division 3 (click to view)

Shanks moves up 5 positions to 5th, stomping blackhawk_45, jason fisher, roguebfl, and more.
Dale moves up 2 positions to 10th, stomping Hidden Spirit and Vortex
Tackleway moves up 2 positions to 11th, stomping Hidden Spirit and Vortex
Fantstav moves up 4 positions to 14th, stomping Craig Hovey, Speedo, The Brotherhood, and more.
Craig Hovey moves up 1 position to 15th, stomping Speedo
The Brotherhood move up an impressive 7 positions to 17th, stomping Alta, Pablo4077, Chuck Lasher, and more.
Pablo4077 moves up 1 position to 19th, stomping Chuck Lasher
Tony C moves up an awesome 10 positions to 33rd, stomping NeoCow, kevdt67, Sgt Bilko, and more.
NeoCow moves up 1 position to 34th, stomping kevdt67
Kevin Beasley moves up an incredible 23 positions to 43rd, stomping whale, MaddMattG, drezha, and more.
MaddMattG moves up an awwesome 35 positions to 45th, stomping drezha, kuede, Radar, and more.
Ulysses moves up 4 positions to 50th, stomping MMJ, bgl2, Andy Wood, and more.

Division 4 (click to view)

Jaerik moves up 1 position to 6th, stomping Deac Starkiller.
FukusukeMix moves up 12 positions to 10th, stomping rangi, Alex Lloyd, Sudip Ghosh, and more.
Death joins us in the new Division 4 and starts his rise to fame in 34th position. Welcome aboard m8 :thumbsup:
Stuart Grigg joins us in the new Division 4 and starts his rise to fame in 42nd position. Welcome aboard m8 :thumbsup:

Well thats the new style stats. I hope you like them, but if there are other things you want to see included, let me know and I’ll see what I can do. Cheers for now!!

Nice read Driod. Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks for the news! The new tables look good :cheers:

:cool: news! :thumbsup:
:woot: I’m in devison 2. :slight_smile:

excellent news report Droid. Looking real good, apart from the big queue of people looking to :stomp: me :mad:

In Delia style “lets be aving ya” :chuckle:


Great Job Droid :thumbsup:
I think I prefer this stat setup since it moves me up to Div 1!! :smiley:

Thanks for the news Droid and the new and much improved tables.

Thanks for the news Droid! :trophy: Exellent job! :thumbsup:

I was slacking this week a bit. Better get everyone going for sure. Been playing with a 3700+ San Diego. These chips are without a doubt the best value CPU. The price vs performance is incredible. In some ways it’s better than my FX-55’s. :smiley:

Think I’ll run the SETI bench and see what she’ll do on air.

Gotta get my TPR promotions going. Could be a couple of weeks but should be able to draw some crunchers into the fold! :wink:

Cheers all! :wasted: