new system with linpus pre installed

how the chuff do i get rid of it? F2 / F8 / F12 etc, nothing works for calling up the CMOS. what i want to do is delete the O/S, format the HDD, and install XP. help!

Lots of boards use the delete key

or remove the battery and/or clear the bios - it should come up in BIOS with a checksum error.

sit on the keyboard when you boot the machines, BIOS halts with keyboard error and shows you all the options - hopefully including the keypress to get into the bios :slight_smile:

Love the technical solution :thumbsup: :smiley:

sitting on it didnt work lol. a combination of f2 and delete got it in the end, thanks :slight_smile:

slow progress, xp on, cant see the network yet, hey ho. illegitimate orifice of a computer.