NEW SYSTEMS and/or UPGRADES since July 7th 2003

This is a thread designed to encourage the showing off of NEW SYSTEMS built/purchased for the SETI effort and also to explain and major hardware perfromance UPGRADES you make.

Please keep your posts short and to the point :slight_smile:


I have just UPGRADED my CPU from 1.5Ghz to 2.0Ghz.EXAMPLE

This will serve as a “bragging rights” archive and will keep a nice audit trail of improvements from today onwards. It’ll give us all a bigger picture of how the team is progressing.

Hopefully this should encourage some more performance enhancing upgrades. If you ever feel like bragging about your new/improved then this is the thread for you.

Metz :cool:


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Originally posted by metz2000
…built/purchased for the SETI effort…

Originally posted by metz2000
… built/purchased for the SETI effort …

You mean you do your upgrades for another reason ? :confused: :wink:


P4-2.6@3gig / DDDR just gone online;)
crunching into the Mr A M Brosia account:D

1.2ghz Duron (@1.3ghz) just shut down the other day:wall: Got to go pick up an adapter so I can get it back running

Just before I joined the Team, I built a new rig from the ground up:

Abit Kr7a mobo with onboard raid
AMD Athlon XP 2000+
Coolermaster Case
no overclocking
Windows XP Home Edition, SP1

With this unit, I’m crunching wu’s in about 4 hours.

Actually I’ve done some re-jigging recently to up my WU output :

Shuttle upgunned from Duron 800@113fsb (904) to Palamino at 1500(I think, its late and my insomnia cure is kicking in :glug: ) as its my Firewall/gateway box and the only PC I have that runs 24/7. WU time dropped from 8hrs to 4hrs :thumbsup:

The downside is the video editing box has lost its XP1600 Pally running 145fsb to an unlocked duron that runs 1008@112fsb, but that doesnt run much anyway…

I’ve also swapped Kazzaa function over to the Barton2500 @2.3ghz from the TBred 2200, so the Barton has an excuse to run all night rather than the TBred. (I reckon with 2x30gb IDEs compared to the TBreds 5x10k rpm SCSIs it probably uses less power too). WU time cut from 3.5hrs to just over 2.

I’m also bidding on a TBred 2400 via EBay to replace the 2200, which will then move into the Shuttle and the Palamino Xp1600 goes back into the Video editing box, which can take a Palamino but not a TBred (Epox say Duron or Athlon, XP chips are a bonus for an 8KTA3+)

I’ve also nabbed a P3/500-64mb and P3/1ghz-128mb at work for a fistfull of woots, and I currently have the P3/750 laptop at my disposal too :slight_smile:

Ack! You should have joined us & started this thread a month ago!!! :mad:

In June I upgraded:
[ul][li]A dual XP1600 to dual XP2400
[/li][li]A dual XP1800 to dual XP2400
And added:
[ul][li]An XP1800 on an ASUS A7N266VM
[/li][*]An XP1800 on a Soltek DRV2[/ul]

Originally posted by Repo
Ack! You should have joined us & started this thread a month ago!!!

Was thinking the same thing. Output up from 15 or so to 60 last month. :smiley:

And I’ve just noticed “I’ve” donated more CPU time than I’ve been on the planet. Cool.

Originally posted by HairyMonster
Output up from 15 or so to 60 last month.

…cool weather permitting :frowning:

hmmmm got me thinking on this…well about a month ago it was no machines 24/7 just about 8am-10pm. 10units a day on a good day.

About to go to

2500@2083Mhz on AsusA7N8X with 512 twinmos with winbond (8am-10pm)

2500@2083Mhz on MSI-K7N2G with 256 (24/7)
2500@2083Mhz on MSI-K7N2G with 512 (24/7)

2200@stock on KT-400 chipset with 256 (24/7)
1600polly @150fsb on ECS-K7S5A with 256 (8am-10pm)

p3-600, 256 (24/7) X2 (1is 100fsb the other 133fsb)
p2-350, 96Mb (sometimes when I’m racing or desperate!)

P4-2000 Laptop running office hours on lifemapper only

I think thats the lot - all crunching hours as marked hours wise, only I switch them round from seti to lifemapper all the time, and also some of them crunch for the VT-Darts-Stomper (the slow ones). Sometimes I also get a nice set of remote machines from various sources but most of these now have their own accounts, Hello Gala and Augmented Bobcat :wave:

Think that covers it - been TPR for just over a year and brought all the VT-Darts with me - most kicking and screaming to begin with !!! :smiley:


^^^^ me thinks us Hubsters better get our finger out :eek:

:haha: :haha: :haha:



Epox 8K9A with a XP2600/333 @ 179FSB seems stable so far! :slight_smile: :nod:

upgrades pending…TOP SECRET!

but i’m calling it Myxamotosis MWAAAHAHAAA!

Preecey is warming up a rear gunner upgrade Keith :smiley: :devil:

Thought this thread could use a bump since I’ve got an addition in the post.

MSI K7N2 Delta SKT A 8xAGP DDR400 Nforce2 USB 2.0
AMD ATHLON XP2500+ 333MHz FSB Barton 512k L2

And other fripperies to make it functional :smiley:

NF7-S mobo change out :slight_smile: .
Gave the old Glugabyte to sonny to help him crunch faster. :slight_smile:
He’s still crunching for :vader: :frowning:
Gonna pimp him soon though. :slight_smile: