New telly

Went for a new telly for the bedroom today and came back with this :slight_smile: The LCD from the conservatory has been relegated to the bedroom :wink:

Very Nice Deaky. That’s about the size I’d like when I have the cash.

:nod: Very nice. How did you manage the cables.

They run through the wall to behind the kitchen cupboards. Along the floor to the soil pipe in the corner of the kitchen. Up the soil pipe to the first floor then under the floor along the landing to the ceiling above the study. They then drop through the ceiling to the back of the book case that holds the digibox and dvd players etc. Any infra red signals are picked up by a sensor hidden in the conservatory and repeated to the said gear in the study.

Its a ball ache to fit but once the cables are in it makes for a very neat installation. :slight_smile:

very nice

:nod: :nod: :nod:

your telling me :cool: