New Top Gear series.

A reminder tonight that the new series of topgear starts tonight, 8pm BBC2 :slight_smile:

Jeremy Clarkson drives an insanely powerful Swedish supercar, Richard Hammond races a jet powered canoe and the boys create a convertible people carrier by sawing the top off a Renault Espace. [S]

Was just on the way to do the same as preecey :slight_smile:

Woot! A reason to watch TV again :stuck_out_tongue:

Yay, another one for the sky+ recorder :cool:

Say what you like about Top gear but its one of the only programs that everyone in the house likes :nod:

I want I want I want :drool:

great show :slight_smile:

Top show, the micra review was hilarious :lol:

Missed it…just waiting for alternative ways to see it :slight_smile:

the best way is to watch it again on BBC 2 Monday @ 1900hrs.


there will be a torrent of it somewhere…

<legal> not that i would condone or ever recommend such a thing </legal>