New users and the upgrade

The upgrade has meant the removal of the Tricerion SafeLogin custom anti-robot captcha as I need to re-write the plugin for vb4.

This has meant that I’ve turned on “user moderation”, all accounts are now sent to a moderation queue where I do some manual checks on them and then validate/delete as I deem fit.

Overnight, since the update and the removal of the custom anti-robot, the stats are quite something. I knew it did a job, but really didn’t think it was this effective if I’m totally honest :smiley:

So all of a sudden, we have 11 new registrations with a standard squiggle captcha against the Tricerion product. The battle to stop the spammers must resume soon!


an update, out of the 11 - I can see at least 8 of them, possibly more have attempted to take advantage of the known bug that was posted all over the news :frowning: