Nice laptop

Looks new and only just released but I witnessed one the other day :confused:

We are having a new factory built so there is lots of engineers and techie people now working out of our old post room which is now project head quarters.

Anyway one of the people visting had brought in a laptop, normally a laptop of any type would not catch my attention except this came accross as being somewhat special.

Its screen what just amazing to the point of being far superior to my desktop LCD, its was bright really clear and the colour rendition was superb.

Anyway visited Hexus to see what was on the news page and low and behold Iā€™m greated with which appears to be the same laptop.

Seems they are now putting in the BRAVIA technology into there laptops.

Cannot find a price yet, but going by the spec its gonna be Ā£2000+ :Ouch:

If I had the money id buy one :nod:

Looks a lovely littl lappy Paul. As you say, if only I had the cash :sigh: