Nice little firefox trick

I’ve just realised that i can open firefox and instead of just displaying one page, i can display as many as i want in separate tabs. If you didnt know how to do this, heres how:
Place all the pages you want to open in a bookmark folder
Under tools, instead of typing a home page, click use bookmark and specify the folder which has all the tabs that you wish to open on startup.
Hey presto, your done.
I expect most of you already knew this but i’ve just found out and it saves me having to open TPR, Ogame, Vendetta and Dark Throne beta and omega separately.:smiley:

I did not

Good tip :nod:

It helps to speed up the Recruit clicks in Dark Throne I can get my 350 in beta and 400 in Omega done in less then 5 min just open 15 to 20 tabs of the recruit page and let your fingers fly

I found it a while back It’s great for recruiting in Dark Throne, just open up 15 tabs with a recruiter in each one and then CTRL-TAB between each one.

On DT Omega I can do 400 recruit clicks in just 4 minutes!! :scared:


Cheers Droid!

Been looking for a keyboard shortcut between tabs:cool:

If you enable the right options for sticky keys, pressing the control key twice gives a control-lock. You can then just tab and click.

I didn’t think of that Kev. :thumbsup:

I’ve been using the same feature (multi homepages) in IE7 for a while now. It’s not bad to be honest, the interface of 7 takes a while to get used to, but after a week or so using it, going back to my “production” rigs from my “install-it-all” machine feels weird and “old”.