night owl thread.(AAAGGGHHHHH!!)

Hello all,

about 11 i was playing counterstrike untill bout 12 ish… went to my bed after that and woke up again to the sound of holly crying… ok… changed fed ect… but she would not go to sleep…so i held her and rocked her to sleep to some light music… she dozed off. put her in her pram (shes too small for the cot…) and she was still asleep so i went to the kitchen opend the window and lit up a cigarette,
then she started howling again…as soon as i had lit up ok stubbed it out got to the pram and she was asleep again… :(… ok went back into the kitchen lit up again and she started again… then i ignored her for a couple of minuits and she is still howling now im sitting here typing this about 1 mile an hour with one hand as im now holding holly trying to get her to sleep… aagggh! happy christmas evryone…

Welcome to the wonderful world of fatherhood :wink:

She’s telling you to give up smoking for new years eve.

In time you’ll be able to tell the difference between the crying of “I need you” and “I want you”

Counterstrike might also move down the list in favour of an early night.
Just wait till your index finger smell permanently of Bonjela :chuckle:

Sorry I didn’t answer your MSN last night Andy but I was peacefully in bed (MSN does random things like sign me in at the middle of the night!)

Anyway if you wanted tips on how to calm crying children, I am NOT the person to ask :smiley:

Bet she’s lovely when she’s sleeping though :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree that she probably wants you to stop smoking too!

lol nah no tips needed just nightol…
counterstrike is moved way down the list … its just my sleeping pattern thats messed so im awake from 1 in the afternoon till 3 in the morning becuase thats the way holly works and as for the smoking… i need that to keep me sane at the moment but i assure you it is kept away from holly at all times out side if itts not raining.

Just wait till she starts dating talk about being up late every car door you hear close you’ll think it her
So enjoy her now its later that you will never get any sleep
boy’s are MUCH easer to raise

it’s all worth it Andy :smiley: Just think of the joy and nice things to come - first words etc etc :love: :cuddle: :smiley:


help is this a sign of things to come me has to wonder?