Anyone know whats happened to Richard?

Seems he’s moved to the Scottish BOINC team.

If you read this matey, have a good one :wave: Sorry to see you go.:frowning:


Yup, I’m still around!:wink:

Been busy racking up serious credits with 64 bit Linux based boxes over at ABC…how does 50pts per cpu core per hour sound (a RAC of 18.5k from 6 boxes):smiley:

Say Drezha, did that PC ever turn up. I have to admit I’m rather bemused by the idea of some scruffy little parcelforce oik scratching his head at the Gnome interface…“where’s the START button?”

Nope it never arrived :frowning: Did you manage to claim?

ABC is quite nice for 64 bit boxes. I ran it briefly. Very nice.

Still arguing over it:(

Never mind…it wasn’t your fault and who knows, you may get an extra Christmas present (in 2027!)…bloomin parcelfarce:kickbum:

Yup ABC is good for credit with a couple of nice little “extras” that can be wrung out of it.

You may want to introduce Riesel Sieve to them over at SBT. Nice little project. Fixed credit and if your sieving, you find a factor, you get an extra 3 points. Nice little bonus. Runs very nicely on 64 bit Linux clients as well.