No credit

0 sent o credit, when its sent loads (64+ WU)

Anybody know why this is happening or what i have done wrong :confused:

…anybody…any ieda’s :confused:

credit generation is server side, so it must be the server :slight_smile: I’ve not seen it on my machines but I’ve not checked them for some time, just leave them to crunch away :slight_smile:

Is it still pending, or was the actual credit at 0? You can look up the details of the WU. It’s possible the WU was faulty and generated a failed output.

talking to the boys now, its because i have x3 PC’s all with the same name, there working on a fix but i have lost 40k already:furious:

the good old boys have fixed it :trophy:

Fantastic! :thumbsup:

yer baby!!!

we R rocking now:wasted: