No Cure for TPR

Just noticed that yesterday I’ve been a TPR slacker for 14 years!
Guess there is no cure once you been infected it keeps coming back into your life. Hell I even had a dancing banana in my dream last night.

Top Banana !
14 years, well i never !
Makes me feel old(er)


Dancing banana… wasn’t a naughty dream was it??? :bananawave:

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There is my big yellow one! Missed you. . .How is life treating you.
Oh the dream. . . and old post popped up in my head about video cards and bananas. See if you remember that one. ~smiles~

Isn’t that the truth! I’m almost sixty now. Heck this place took most of my good years. LOL

I’m not that far behind you. Brain still thinks i’m 21, body says no…


Yep have a 21 year old brain too, just stuck in a 58 year old body.

Am doing OK… sign of getting old but I’m counting down the days until I retire and I’ve about 3.5 years to go… And I’ll be retiring to a much warmer climate… Already built my retirement home in Thailand…

Got bad news for you! Once you retire you will work twice as hard and not get paid for it. Damn I wish I worked so I could have a weekend off.:rofl:

Think we are the only species on the planet that works all year so we can get a holiday.



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I have a 21 year old body.

Does anybody want to buy a used chest freezer with the lid that wont open ?

Glad to see some things haven’t changed. . . You’re still are weirdo! And for some mind-boggling reason always liked.

Is that the ex-wife or mother in law ?