No more ogame.....

Ogame is funny game :slight_smile:
4 years is enough :wink: but no more ogame for me.
My budy from work waiting fleet save to come home ( my standard 400 hours long fleet save)
account name is Victor.

Tnx to all

Hi Sasha, sorry you are leaving Ogame. What are you going to do with the account? Tweety over in PaX was looking for an established account to come back to, if you were going to scrap the account.

I know what you mean Sasha. Lost interest myself at the mo. Just not into online gaming at this time.

Victor will keep my account in the game for a while, try to figure out how to play (i hope don’t lost fleet and 40mil resources) :slight_smile:
try to conntact him in couple of days and if she don’t like game i belive she give you account details… i think is game over for me :slight_smile:

700 players… moust of them is in vacation… no more interest too. I start World Of warcraft on one private (free) server and is very funny.
my wife, kids and I play WoW. Ogame can’t play with family on identical universe (IP adress).

before give up i come “home” from PAX to TPR and hope account will stay in TPR but is Victors account now… i don’t control him any more…

Hopefully that person can make good use of my old account.