No Stats today... :(

I think the stat-o-matic is suffering from the heat, it’s behaving a little erraticaly and I’ll need to check it out over the weekend. :frowning:

Not to worry :slight_smile:

Will do us good to make us wait for the stats :wink:

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[B]Not to worry :slight_smile:

Will do us good to make us wait for the stats :wink: [/B]

speak for yourself :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry

List of things I check first thing in the morning.

a) Mail
b) Seti-Team
c) Madhouse’s Stats
d) Forums
e) Seti Q

I really cannot settle today, without my Stats :wink: who is sneaking up on me :eek:

No really Milhouse, your stats are very much appreciated, that’s why we miss them so much.


No stats… no n00z… no piccies :cry: x 2

:wall: must, have,stats :spin:

:frowning: need my daily fix… can’t handle not having my daily fix…

Never mind Millhouse… We can wait for the Statomatic…

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no piccies :cry: x 2 [/B]

Here you go Repo.

No Stats!??@@$$%^@#

Oh, well. Life will go on…


Yes, Mr. Millhouse, we very much appreciate your great stat-o-matic. :smiley:

OMG I love that pic. WoW did you see the Jugs on that panhead. Circa 1969 easyrider style wannabe Great pic love the paint job and the curves of that bike. I bet it rides great. I know you could ride that sucker all night and do it again in the morning. THe only thing that bugs me is the 2 broads blocking the view…:smiley:

:nod: :nod: :wiggle: :haha: :haha: :haha:

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[B]Here you go Repo.


I like reading the n00z so I can keep abreast of things…

/gets coat…