No Wireless Connection since installing software

Hi all, I have a new HP laptop pavillion series 9,dual core,wireless the full works. It is 3 weeks old. I took it into work straight away found my wireless broadband service. But last week I had BT Home Hub wireless at home installed. ran the software lovely, wireless at home too. Until that is I turned off the laptop and rebooted in the morning, no wirless connection. My nokia N80 and my dell pda that are both wireless both had a connection but not my laptop. i took it into work and still no wireless connection. I uninstalled the software, nothing. I einstalled and it worked again. I rang BT followed the instructions, finding the windows zero config etc. Still nothing. The software must of kicked out the wireless card settings or something. Any ideas? it is driving me crazy keep having to install the software at home and no connection at work.

Does the HP have an external switch like many laptops to turn on the Wireless?
If so…well turn it on if not then go to my Computer > Right Click >Properties > Hardware Tab > Device Manager > Look for Network Adapters > Find Yours

Make sure it is on. If not showing in system then > Click on Computer Name at top > Action > Scan for Hardware changes

If no new found then check your bios setting to make sure it is enabled.

Hi thank you for replying, I have tried that and it is enabled. and the switch on the front is on all the time. I am using it now to reply on but obviously had to reinstall the BT software to activate the network.