Nokia : Who were they?

Nokia were once at the forefront of Mobile phone technology.

I have had many and their USP was simple, reliable rugged and dependable.

The emergency backup phone on the shelf became a Nokia 1.3 and it has seen service a couple of times but is an utter pain in the arse to open and you have to open it to get at the sim slot.

A review I read afterwards said
“The Nokia 1.3 is a handy smartphone that is also relatively light at 155 grams. The back can be removed, then you get access to the SIM slots and the replaceable battery. However, there is no notch and we found it very difficult to remove the back in the test. So, if you want to change the battery regularly, you should get appropriate tools or have very strong fingernails.”

So I bought one of those spudger kits to save tearing my fingernails off once more.
Which cracked the screen.

I wondered where Nokia are based

Global headquarters - Espoo, Finland
As Manuel might have said " Es not Phone Espoo"

Espoo is nine miles from the sea, whoever designed this thin slice of poop needs a Ten mile hike into the sea.

I’ve stuck with Nokia all the way through since the days of the 3310, even through the incarnation as Windows Phone and onto the new HMD Global incarnation… I’ve had my current Nokia 7.2 for 2.5 years and it’s still running great and there’s not a mark on it despite having been dropped on multiple occassions…

There’s none of the shitty bloatware that Samsung mobiles suffer from…

I used to be the type that would upgrade as soon as the contract was up… Not with is one… It does what I need it to do and just keeps on going!!!

I am on my 3rd Nokia since HMD starting cranking them out.

Currently on the X20 and quiet frankly it does everything you could want and didn’t cost the earth.

Granted i have not had to open it up to do anything to it, but so far i have been happy with how its held up to my daily use.

My downfall was probably the choice to buy the cheapest one, the need to swap a battery is a pre Y2K thing but it was possible with the one I bought.

I still remember my boss demonstrating his superior car control
by changing his mobile battery
In lane 3 of the M25
At 90 Mph
in his Audi (Arsehole Usually Driving It)

However I didnt want to change the battery on this phone, I wanted to swap the sim.
The patient did not survive the transplant.

PS: I quit the job with the phone swap boss, after I left a big bar tab in the post.
They booked my room for a hotel stay but did not include any meals.
I got the hotel to invoice them direct for Some Beers after getting the secretary to call them and authorise a subsistence and hospitality tab.

Hey Chris, Sorry I invited the whole site team over.
I didnt get into the car until 8pm the next day :slight_smile:

I suppose we will never have the old bricks back even if they produce a new range / or rehash the old ones, new stuff seems just so fragile.

A bunch of the re-launched nokias have had my interest, they seem to tick the box on whats really needed and nothing else

3 years ago I bought a Nokia 6.1 to use for when we are in Thailand…it has a Thai SIM in it… I leave in switched on all the time in the UK and it lasts 10 days between charges!!!

Maybe the old ones really were the best ones.