Nope, cant keep quiet

Found this on youtube

Humvee just driving round Baghdad ramming anything it can catch up with

Then the payback

Might need to edit those…both are the same…

Well…that is a war zone so they can’t keep still for long, besides he was using the horn and those idiots still weren’t moving over. It is obvious that they had to get somewhere quick…maybe a firefight…who knows?

Perhaps the American Hummer horn means something different when translated into Iraqi? No? Ok bad joke.

you´d think the combined research departments of the US military could find something more distinctive than a plain old HORN to get the message across.

But when the whole operation depends on winning hearts and minds why not just ram somebody every 30 seconds. Thats bound to help :rolleyes:

i think “ram” is not a fitting explanantion of what was going on…they were barely bumping them. you can clearly see the cars that were bumped were not damaged, and believe me those hummers can do alot of damage. Like I said before…they were not bumping those people just for the sake of it. They obviously had somewhere to be in a hurry…in a war zone you do what you have to do. I think they have been and continue to be very gentle in the way they handle civilians over there, that is why most of them like us. contrary to what you may see in the biased media.

I would think they are taught to drive like that so they do not present a target, i would imagine a few times early on in the liberation of iraq that they would come across a line of traffic, slow to a stop then have an RPG up their arse as they are a nice sitting target.

The more worrying one was this where they deliberately rammed one of their allies off the road, then proceeded to try to cover it up saying it never happened. :furious:

yes I agree…that cover up is wrong…we can all hope that justice is served