Not even that hot really :(

Still lost three machines in the loft today, auto switch offs for heat issues so not lost as in damaged, just not crunching which is bad enough ;). Getting close to time to dig out the desk fans to keep on crunching :smiley:

Bummer :frowning:


Could u add a ventilation system?
inclose them in like a giant box [with no cases] and have an IN and OUT with some fans ? dragging in air to the outside :slight_smile:

a little OTT :slight_smile: but i thuoght, since its in the attic, it wouldn’t effect the heat in the rest of the house

When i had a load of crunchers in the loft a few year ago i rigged it up to vent the hot air to the outside under the eaves. Made it from old cardboard boxes and a long length of tumble dryer hose :smiley:

All methods I’ve tried, everyone of them involves running something “else” electrical. Had tumble drier tubing, guttering, angled bits of cardboard. The loft is designed to not let heat escape when you think about it, so it just builds like an oven, and very hard to get in clean air. They run fine with a deskfan moving the already hot air over them though :confused:

The “other” option, buy a house with a basement instead :lol:


They do better if water cooled. How about a largish pump and car radiator and a box fan. Snipe some WC blocks off eBay and have at it.

I have a plan :Plot: things are moving towards the plan working, just a matter of timing …


Instead of having single radiator units in each box, link the outlet from one cooling block into the input of the next cooling block and finally link all to a car radiator. Like one big serial link. Would that work?

yes, but each time it goes thro the cpu, it picks up heat, i wouldn’t want to be the END one…
but u could have 1 pump, 1 radiator, but have the pipe split into multipul connections, Only prob with that is, i wouldn’t trust it to distrubute the water evenly.

/me starts looking at RightMove …

the things I get up to :wink: basement has to be the answer :nod: :deal:


Something like this (very simplistic)

what if there is a tiny blockage in 1 tube [after the split]
the water would start to take the easyer paths, which would mean the flow would be slower in the slightly cloged path, then cus its going slower, makes it easyer to clog even more… to the point where potentally, it would stop flow altogether…

and depending on how meny computers there are, dividing the water equally in the first place would be hard…

what you would need is a pump for Each computer, comming from 1 big res [small fish tank perhapse], all taking what they need, then going thro the computer, then all combine afterwards to go thro the radiator.

Assuming you have a closed system, with de-mineralised water in it, you should not get any blockages I would guess.

… in a Perfect world…

do u want to run the risk with your hardware?

I think that would work OK. It sounds fairly simple to maintain, cause the return would go back to the fish tank for cooling

Probably not

depending on the fish tank size, the body of water would mean no need for a radiator. I would be very wary of your design for the same reasons as above, you have 3>1 in that design, once again, a single blockage could take out all your machines. Rad would not need to be part of the system that goes round the actual machines, a second loop that simply goes, tank>pump>rad>tank.


So more like this but with a radiator in it possibly:

yup, that’s what I had in mind, you could then have a loop off the tank to a rad, that only runs when the temp in the tank is above a certain value :slight_smile: Nice and efficient then :chin:

/me slaps self for lobbing out the old fish tank last week … :cry: not that it matters, PMM has relieved me of one of my water kits anyway :lol:


yes, i have toiled with the idea of having a Radiatorless system, using the actualy Sheer Volume of water to keep the rest of it cold, but my friend who has a greater idea of physics than me, it wouldn’t matter how big the fishtank is, even if it was the size of a BATH, it will still get hot pritty quick,

you could do it with a sperate radiator on each small system, but of course, u then need to buy more than one…

I’ve tried a tank only design before. Basically the bigger you make the tank, the slower it warms up, up to the point when the heat loss equals the heat being put in. And it’ll be higher than you think. To get an idea, think of the external area of the tank and compare that with a dedicated radiator. Even a radiator without fan gave better results. I’ve heard about evaporation assisted coolers giving good results, going below ambient, but never tried it myself. I don’t think I need to say you got to be cazreful you don’t evaporate all the water… :wink:

excuse the Double Post…

an idea for an EVER expanding system, you could have monitors on the reservoirs to montitor the temp, and it could slow the Radiator Pumps down to allow the water to stay in the radiator longer, and have it turn on a 3rd or 4th.
and if the cold reservoir gets too low, it can turn up the pumps [or agian] turn more pumps on.

not exactly a EASY system, with all the monitors it would need, but a nice expandable one :slight_smile: