not nice

This is what it looks like when 6 weeks worth of exfoliation tries to happen all at once

click image for full size image

yuk. glad you’re on the road to recovery with that one mate. when do you have the other one done?

not even discussed it with the doc yet, all the metalwork is still in this one, go in on the 23rd to get that removed, I’ll be quizzing him then about the other one :slight_smile:

glad to see your on the mend hope all goes well with it

bet your glad to get the plaster cast off :stuck_out_tongue:

glad to have the cast off, yes, but it’s still got a support on it 99% of the time and I still can’t use it, so another fortnight off work… oh well

Glad to hear all is on the mend,
Shame it takes so long tho :frowning:

8 weeks off work, thw max I can have on the sick before they give my job to someone else :eek:

The joy being I have it all to go again for the other wrist :slight_smile: