Not quite the Honda Cog advert....

Amazing machines :wink:

Ah that is brilliant. It brought back fond memories of the many many hours I wasted at Junior school designing nad building incredibly complex marble runs in my desk. I was also reminded of this recently when I was contacted by someone through Friendsreunited!

What a cracking compilation of videos, had all four of here fixated on it :smiley:

I think some fun with the marble madness, domino sets and a model railway is going to be had over the weekend :smiley:


Some people just have toooo much time on their hands…damn good though :smiley:

realy cool :slight_smile: now I also want to do something like this :slight_smile:

nice one, reminds me of mouse trap :slight_smile:


I was going to say the same curly… thats very well thought out.
altho i couldnt help but notice a few edits :wink:

hehe, i like them

There’s a whole load more on Google video if you search…

There’s a selection…

ahhh that tune is stuck in my head now…thanks :frowning: