Notebook Cooling Pad's

Are they worth it?

Maplins have got a few (quickfind ZU61R, A86BY and A40CQ) and I was considering one. Something I disliked about my last one was that after a while, you’d end up with very warm legs…

Was wondering if other’s used them and what the experience of them was?
Do they add large amounts of noise? How effective are they? And the like.

Anyone recommend any?

friend of mine got one for her laptop. and i was really amazed at the difference it made… hers was from pcworld… included a usb hub
all in all i was very impressed

Bigsheff1 told me a couple o’weeks back that as a result of one of those devices
a lappy was able to run at full speed where it hadn’t before - ambient temp. around here has been at roughly 22 C for some time…


I’m now looking at an Antec one or the lapcool series.
From the reviews, they both appear to work nicely.