Does following those links give the affiliated link to tpr ? Not being pedantic, but think they should ?

Also believe they should be headed so we know they are Novatech straight away ie Novatech :- Great deals on monitors today etc , not just Gibbo selling his stuff.

Like the idea of Novatech deals being on our forum, don’t get me wrong :slight_smile:

I think it would be long winded to structure a link in the way I think your referring to unless DT knows otherwise.

As long as you click the Novatech Affiliate link in the Affiliate links thread a 30 day cookie is stored on your computer so any purchase made would benefit TPR.

I am not sure apart from DT going into the post and pasting in the Novatech Affiliate do-dah for you to click prior to clicking any of the page links ?

Hmmm Over to DT …

Ah, didn’t know it was a cookie thing. I thought it was a doodar on the link itself.

I’ll go cause trouble somewhere else :chuckle:

No reason that Gibbo couldnt post the Affiliate link himself everytime he posts the offers…

in turn making money for tpr and also for Novatech :slight_smile:

I’ve added the details to the monitors post on how to ‘deeplink’ directly using the TPR affiliate link.

We are not desperate for cash in terms of server fund, just that easy money is hard to come by. If it’s felt that it is too much then we don’t allow it. Simple as that really.


I personally don’t see any negative parts of Gibbos posts at all, but feel that if someone comes across a link to a deal they like on our board, as a member or following a google search then it should benefit the board :thumbsup: