Now I can crunch again...

…I’m lost as to what to crunch.

Now I have a system that is worth crunching with (ie - not the Atom!), I’ve decided to come back again.

However it wont be 24/7 - probably more like 5 hours a day as I wont be leaving the machine on so I guess that knocks out Folding SMP and GPU…
There’s also a few other factors…

[li]I like progress so ideally short work units would be good - hour or 2 hour seems ideal.[/li][li]Not space related - I don’t want to search for ET[/li][li]Easily lets me shutdown/startup so doesn’t interfere with gaming[/li][li]Doesn’t affect day to day running of machine[/li][/ul]

Folding is good but the work units are quite long…Well not such how’d they’d perform on a E5300 @ 3.2GHz

Any ideas?

docking - nice long deadlines and should be fine :slight_smile:


Another suggestion for docking here. Units are… I’d need to look it up again but in the order of 4 hours each at 2.4 GHz.

I recently dabbled with primegrid again during the docking outage. The smaller prime subprojects on that runs in 10’s of minutes even on not so modern systems.

Docking gets my vote too, although I am running Folding as a side project.

BOINC installed and Docking underway to give it a try.

Nice to see BOINC has improved a lot since I last used it - used same email address as my other accounts and it automatically gave me my username, set me to crunch for TPR and gave me the same account ID so it’s all tied in already. Much better :slight_smile:

Welcome back to crunching :slight_smile:

Ill probably come back soon… Just wish docking would sort the Windows 7 issue out :frowning: :xfinger:

Yeah I’ve left Docking as it doesn’t seem to support Windows 7.

Little lost at the minute. Might go back to Rosetta if that’s still going. Or might go folding again and just put up with the long unit times.

Some of the Folding unit times aren’t as bad as they used to be. My Athlon X2 2.9ghz copes quite well with them.

I’ve now restarted… tried docking and it failed…

So now running


I’ll see if theres any other machines I can add when I have 2mins…

Average unit time is about 10+ hours isn’t it? I’d like to be able to complete a unit a day or something. I guess if I cant, no biggy.

Might dig out some batch scripts to start and stop Folding services so I can stop them to play games. It’s running single core at work - don’t want to overstress the laptop - thinking that 100% of one core is probably better than 50% of two cores.

Found a Rig to Dock :smiley:

Installed 2 instances of Folding.

p6313 seem to be going at just over 11 minutes a frame which seems quite high for a 3.2GHz machine as I think I was getting 13m a frame on the 2.4GHz C2D laptop at work…

Sounds about right Chris. Checked mine last night and it seems to be similar on the Ubuntu machine. The windows machine with the same CPU is averaging 8mins per 1% on the current unit which is a 2500 size one.

Right ok. Low points for these as well. :frowning: