Now isn't this a hoot!

New stuff from my ISP! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:



Virus Detected: Malformed container violation

Message Details:
From: “Latasha Vickers” <>
Subject: giant at large
Date: <none>

EarthLink Virus Blocker has quarantined a message sent to
you because it contains a virus that cannot be removed or

Quarantined messages are automatically deleted three days
after they are received.

its long overdue that isp’s and hosting packages block viri imo.

Nice to see it in place :slight_smile:


I agree the logical place for this is at the server layer. I think the ISPs are finally wising up to the fact that virus traffic is overloading their networks and the cheapest fix for the overload is to filter the virus out rather than create larger networks to handle the illicit traffic. It is really very cost effective for them and great for the consumer.

Earthlink is pretty good about filtering bulk mailers as well. I am now down to a handful of prescription, porn and mortgage offer emails a day.

It always comes down to how much it costs. If it saves them money then they will do it. :nod:

I’ve had so many emails from Blueyonder telling me that they’ve detected a virus in an email sent to me. The majority of them have been the netsky.b one, and always from email addresses I have never seen in my life :mad:

My mail is spam filterd for me, and when it reaches outlook 2003 spam filterd again, so I only ever get my propper mail, a winning comination I think,

The point being though Dammo, that we know how to configure spam filters etc etc, where the internet being marketed as “the future” yet it is still allowed on most isp setups that 80% of traffic through the main gateways (mail traffic) is spam/viri.

As MAOJC says, we expand the network of the WWW and all that happens is more viri get to float around in cyberspace. Kill the viri and I am pretty sure traffic would be down and less people would be scared of the hackers of the variety they see on the tele.

Of course we all know how easy the FBI database is to hack with your wap phone from the artic etc etc.


I’ve stopped using Outlook Express on my desktop & pick up all my messages on-line now. The spam & virus filters work, so I don’t have to.

You have to watch that they aren’t accidently picking up good messages though. They can be a bit keen sometimes.

My work account is my biggest concern since I get so much email every day there. I am fortunate, the servers here take care of most spam. I receive a handful of prescription spams a week, which I can’t filter out because they use language that’s in my regular email (I work in a Healthcare company).