Now this is a smilie worthy of inclusion

Somebody at work sent me this one, I rather like it myself :smiley:

now that smilie i like i have felt like that a few times lol

Its a keeper i think :wink:

Theres definetely shall we say, a few, cases where i would have used it. :smiley:

Again, I’d use it. :nod:

Personally I like this one

i love the BSOD!

LOL that’s great. Gets my vote for going onto the list. :slight_smile:

A few more

Chav Smiley
Chav Smiley

:google: added
:bsod: added
:mexwave: added
:whistle: added


damn I’m busy today … in reality I’ve had a cracking headache all day so am reading books and browsing every so often for light relief.

:soapbox: added {soapbox}

:x: added {x}

:catfight: added {catfight}

PMM will probably like this one as he uses this phrase a lot :2cents: {2cents{ :slight_smile:

and for Nightlord when/if the Major does stomp him in Rosetta …

:whiteflag: added {whiteflag} :chuckle:

:tiphat: {tiphat}

:kickbum: {kickbum}


:smiley: Some great new ones there,

Of course has always been a favorite of mine, for those moments when nothng else will quite do :slight_smile:

I do understand that it may not be deeemd suitable for here though :devil:

Some nice one’s added there :slight_smile:


Wooo hooo new smilies i just need to find them a home now hmmmmmmm

I prefer

oh a new find…

ps: an a better offtopic…

Red x’s

as this is a thread of smileys can we have a conga rats one please?

how about these?

I think this will get alot of usage out of it :wink:

MAOJC’s fridge one!! woohoo

Anyone up for a duel?