NOW! What did we forget???

Only that Nightlord has passed the 1,000,000 units crunched in Rosetta!!!

Well done sir :worship: :funknana: :stomp:

:woot: Good going Nightlord,

I havn’t got into Rosetta at all but that level of crunching is a great achievement in any of the projects and if it’s for TPR then all the better :slight_smile:

Damn nice crunching that sir…congrats :cheers:

Hes a big tart and we did mention it in the weekly stats report! :chuckle:

But here is some nana’s for you.

:banana::funknana: :nanasplit: :banana: :funknana: :nanasplit:

Think it was also in the achievements and milestones thread in Crunchers Cafe :wink:

Congrats anyhow!!
1 Million is a impressive number…:smiley:

Thanks everyone. Onward to 1.5M, before the game is up. :rolleyes:

You know, just to be serious for once. I guess like a lot of you, I crunch for a wide range of reasons. For me it’s the technical challenge, the opportunity for lifelong education, support for my hobby and my part-time business, the camaraderie of TPR, and in particular, I crunch Rosetta for my father.

Thankyou my friends.

Happy crunching :thumbsup:


Nice crunching Nighty:thumbsup: Very welldone indeed.

All good reasons to crunch Richard. 1.5mill will be excellent…2mill would be even better!! :smiley:

Wow! Nice job!